INKspired Life

A podcast on loose style architectural sketching and creative mindset.


Creativity doesn’t happen overnight. Get simple tips each episode to guide your artistic sketching path and improve your creative mindset.

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 "The INKspired Life" podcast is a vibrant and engaging show hosted by Jason Nicholas, an experienced architect and self-taught artist.

Join Jason as he takes you on a journey of loose style sketching and explores the creative mindset behind it. Get ready to unleash your artistic potential and discover a world of inspiration in every stroke of the pencil.  

Through insightful conversations, practical tips, and entertaining anecdotes, Jason dives deep into the art of loose style sketching and its transformative power. He shares his expertise, passionately discussing techniques, materials, and approaches to help you develop your unique style and create beautiful sketches of architecture and urban landscapes.  

Whether you're just starting your sketching journey or are an experienced artist looking to enhance your loose style skills, "The Inkspired Life" podcast will leave you feeling inspired, motivated, and ready to unleash your creativity.

Join Jason and special guests as they share their wisdom, stories, and valuable insights on how to cultivate a creative mindset that sparks joy and brings your sketching adventures to life.  


🎧 6 min listen

Episode 1: Welcome

🎧 4 min listen

Episode 2: Med-INK-tations

🎧 8 min listen


🎧 6 min listen

Episode 4: Creative Intentions


🎧 10 min listen

Episode 5: Finding Creative Inspiration

🎧 7 min listen

Episode 6: What Do You Like About Your Art?

🎧 6 min listen


🎧 3 min listen

Episode 8: FAQ 2 : My Drawings Are Bad

Why listen?

1. Learn from an Experienced Architect-Artist: Gain valuable insights and techniques from Jason, an architect and self-taught artist with a wealth of knowledge in sketching architecture and urban landscapes.  

2. Unleash Your Creative Potential: Explore the world of loose style sketching and unlock your artistic potential. Discover how to capture the essence of buildings, streets, and cityscapes with your unique artistic voice.  

3. Practical Tips and Techniques: Get practical advice on sketching techniques, including composition, perspective, and capturing light and shadow. Learn how to choose the right materials to bring your sketches to life.  

4. Expand Your Artistic Horizons: Dive into the creative mindset behind loose style sketching and explore ways to think outside the box. Discover how to push boundaries, experiment, and take risks in your sketching journey.  

5. Inspiring Interviews and Guests: Join Jason and a variety of special guests – fellow artists, architects, and creative minds – as they share their experiences, insights, and stories of their artistic journeys.  

6. Nurturing a Supportive Community: Connect with a like-minded community of sketching enthusiasts, share your progress, and find support and encouragement on your artistic path.  

7. Boost Your Personal Growth: Develop a creative mindset that goes beyond sketching. Discover how to apply the principles of loose style sketching and   

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Meet the mind behind The INKspired Life

The IINKspired life JJN
Jason Nicholas

Artist . Creative . Ice Cream Lover 

Born with a pencil in my mouth (don't worry, the pencil wasn't sharpened), I have always been passionate about exploring my creativity and mindfulness through art and design. 

Growing up I was and still am inspired by the spirits of Bob Ross, Jim Henson, Mr. Rogers, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Walt Disney.​

My sketches, paintings, & photography are inspired and driven by architecture & memories.

I love motivating people along their artistic creative paths.

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Blessed Inkling here; Jason is an amazing artist, teacher, person. His giving of his talent with heart knows no bounds. He has been a huge (awesome sauce) influence in my personal artistic journey.

Kat Pedroni

Creative artist and maker

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