07 - Growing Your Creativity

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Today’s episode….

Flower Power - Growing your Creativity

As you may know, my favorite sketching subject is architecture.  I have been sketching buildings since way back when (see that, no math to do there) and have never grown tired of it. But, that being said, sometimes our creative brains can get into a rut and need a bit of mixing up - a sort of inspiration infusion.  An infusion to grow your creativity and blossom your confidence.

One of the ways I find that helps me to add to this creative growth is by sketching a subject that is out of my comfort zone - something that doesn't have any windows or doors.  Recently I was inspired by my community of art friends to sketch a flower. Flowers are delicate, beautiful, and simply delightful.  Could I sketch 'delightful and delicate'?  Yikes.

After getting out of my own way and the "comparison trap", I put pen to paper and started sketching my favorite flower - the iris. My creative intention for this piece was to simply have fun while keeping my loose sketchy style.

How did stepping out of my comfort zone and sketching an iris help my creativity to bloom?  Here are my takeaways.

  1. SEEING the world a bit differently.

My eyes and brain have  been so conditioned to focus on the rectilinear and straight lines of architecture. Now when I'm out and about, I am noticing the world of curves and free-flowing shapes more. 

  1. ADDING more curvy lines in my sketches.  I am consciously trying to add more curves into my artwork.  I am finding that they not only help to loosen up my style, but curves help to add a sense of movement to my sketches. Curves are a new tool to add to my creativity bag. 
  2. BELIEVING. Stepping out and sketching a totally different subject has helped to up my self confidence a bit.  A confidence to not be afraid to try something new.  



I want to leave you with one action step today.

What is something you could sketch or paint today that you have not tried.  Something you feel that might help you to SEE, ADD, and BELIEVE a bit differently when it comes to your creative mindset.  Whatever that subject is, put pen to paper, paint to canvas and just go for it.

 Peace and Live Creatively!



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