Hi! I'm Jason.

Welcome to the Inkspired Life.

Sketching and Painting [with a focus on architecture]

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Peace & Live Creatively!

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Artist . Architect . Teacher . Creative

Born with a pencil in my mouth (don't worry, the pencil wasn't sharpened), I have always been passionate about exploring my creativity and mindfulness through art and design. 

Growing up I was and still am inspired by the spirits of Bob Ross, Jim Henson, Mr. Rogers, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Walt Disney.​

My sketches, paintings, & photography are inspired and driven by NATURE, architecture, music & memories.

Through my artwork, photography, and online courses my goal is to create a sense of mindfulness and whimsy that allows you to escape from your daily routine and awaken your soul and imagination - even if it's for a brief moment.

Feeling lost or don't know where to begin with creating artwork?

I would love to help guide you on your creative journey.  

Feel free to contact me at [email protected].

-Peace & Live Creatively!