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Architecture Sketch : Skyline Rooftop I

art city graphite sketch Feb 14, 2021

From below, while walking the chasm of the city streetscape, we are surrounded by the fantastic architectural walls of skyscrapers.  But, on top of these mesmerizing structures lives another world....that of the urban roofscape.  Allowing my imagination to wander, this is the subject...

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Holiday in the City 1 - Ink & Watercolor Illustration

art illustration watercolor Nov 28, 2020

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I love going to New York City to during the holidays to see the festive decorations and lights.  There is magic and energy in the air unlike any other!

This ink and watercolor illustration is meant to capture a glimpse into an imaginary cityscape preparing for the Christmas season. 


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Feel the Magic

We each have the power to spark joy into the lives of others. Big spark? Little spark? 

It does not matter.  That joyous spark may ignite the passion in somebody to be their best self.  It may be the spark to ignite a smile - - a smile that could inevitably be shared by others.


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My Travel Art Kit Supply Checklist

Feeling mentally & emotionally drained?
Feeling trapped inside your 4 walls?
Need a moment of peaceful & mindful inspiration?

 Creativity can help you feel spiritually and emotionally refreshed, re-charged, and re-connected.  For me, getting outside and creating artwork is the...

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