My Travel Art Kit Supply Checklist

art art supplies art travel kit drawing painting sketching Jun 06, 2020

Feeling mentally & emotionally drained?
Feeling trapped inside your 4 walls?
Need a moment of peaceful & mindful inspiration?

 Creativity can help you feel spiritually and emotionally refreshed, re-charged, and re-connected.  For me, getting outside and creating artwork is the ultimate reset. 

Nature provides an open invitation to get outside and do some sketching and painting. I love being able to get outside and escape from the daily grind. But, sometimes the thought of lugging around oodles of art supplies (paper, paints, pens, pencils, brushes, etc...) would stop me from going outside.  Laziness? Perhaps.

I took action and decided to give my lazy-self a kick in the butt and put together a minimal art travel kit. 

The kit is compact and lightweight making it easy to carry and do some sketching or painting on-the-go.

For a free pdf download of my complete checklist of the supplies I use in my travel kit, click the button below.

Peace and Live Creatively.  – Jason

Oh…and, by the way….No!  You do not need to be an “artist” to enjoy the benefits feeling mentally and emotionally refreshed by creating artwork.  Anybody can do it. I will show you how in an upocoming online course.

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