Feel the Magic

art disney illustration inspiration joy painting sketch Jul 18, 2020

We each have the power to spark joy into the lives of others. Big spark? Little spark? 

It does not matter.  That joyous spark may ignite the passion in somebody to be their best self.  It may be the spark to ignite a smile - - a smile that could inevitably be shared by others.

It may be a spark that helps somebody to feel the magic along their life path.

If I can bring a bit of joy along my journey, then I have done my job.

Thank you & Magical wishes to the person who purchased one of my Cinderella's Castle Print.

What is one small act of kindness that you can do today to spark the joy in somebody?  Post your ideas in the comments below.

Peace & Live Creatively! -Jason

 PS... If you want to learn how to create loose style sketches similar to the castle sketch, be sure to sign up for my free creative newsletter.  Online course is coming soon! 


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