The Power of Sketching to Never Forget

architecture sketching Sep 12, 2020
Jason J Nicholas Artist - Sketch - World Trade Center

"The Twin Towers - 1993" ink sketch by Jason J. Nicholas

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Sketching is a way to capture a moment in time.  A moment of location, emotion, and Being.  I first sketched the Twin Towers back in 1993 while I was an intern for an architectural firm in Hoboken.  I would take a walks during my lunch break up to Stevens Institute of Technology, where I was gifted with this spectacular view across the Hudson.  I was a younger and aspiring architect  armed with a pen and a sketchbook whose only care in the world was the pursuit of a lifelong dream of a career. 


This is how I felt as my heart and mind connected with each line stroke made in my sketchbook on the day I drew this scene back in 1993.


"The Twin Towers - 2018" ink and watercolor sketch by Jason J. Nicholas

Fast Forward about 15 years from when I did my first World Trade Center sketch.  I revisited these iconic buildings, but this time in my mind.  Referring back to my original sketch, and how I felt at that time, I was able to relieve that exciting summer day as I stood upon the bank of the Hudson River.  However, my hear would not let me draw the towers as I had done in the past.  This time, from in my studio and armed with pen, paper, and ink, my soul took over and created this illustration of the Twin Towers. 


This is how I felt when I first started this piece.  I needed to get these emotion out of my core and onto paper.  

As I continued to sketch and add color, an amazing transformation happened.  I started feeling like that YOUNG, VIBRANT AND HOPEFUL architect from 15 years ago.

In the end, it is about EMBRACING and EXPERIENCING the process of creating - and not just the final result - that brings joy to the moment.  And for me, the simple act of putting pen onto paper and letting the lines create the story is  how I am able to recapture the feelings of time, place, and emotions.

So, what are you waiting for?  Grab a pen and a piece of paper, and start creating the Sketchbook of Your Life.

Peace & Live a Creative & Ink-spired Life! 

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