Loose Style Sketching - What the heck is it?

architecture sketching Aug 30, 2020

Time lapse Video of Loose Style Sketch of Tudor Manor House

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What is loose style sketching?

At first glance, loose style sketching may look like a jumbled mess of lines.  Jiggedy-jaggedy lines that look as though they were drawn after being overly caffeinated from downing one to much of a cuppa.  Speaking of which, I could use a refill. How does hazelnut coffee sound?

And, you know, these wonky lines are simply brilliant!  They can tell endless stories in endless ways.  For me loose style sketching is a way of quickly capturing the space, time, and feeling of a location or building. 

Unlike a set of architectural construction drawings, this drawing technique is NOT about precision - crisply drawn well-defining lines.  It is NOT about creating a precise and realistic drawing of a portrait or landscape scene.  Loose style sketching is EXPRESSIVE !

This style is about being loose, flexible, imperfect lines on a piece of paper.   And yes, it is a style!  It is a creative style that lets YOU express who YOU are & your inner self.  A style that you, and only you can truly own.  Make it yours!!!

Click Here to Learn How to Create Loose Style Sketches

Loose style sketching is about letting your soul drip out through the ink in your pen and ingraining a special moment in the sketchbook of your mind. 

 Yes, it can also be a wonderful physical sketchbook that you can put on your shelf to cherish later. But it can also be a sketchbook of memories inside your mind that you can tap into upon demand to re-imagine, re-experience, and re-invigorate.

Why am I so enthusiastic and loose style sketching?


Growing up, I found it hard to express my feelings to friends and family. I was quiet, shy, totally introverted.  I had an accident that left me alone at playtime in elementary school.  While my friends were outside playing, I was hanging out in the nurse's office - bored - until I started drawing.  I would show my friends what I was doing while they were playing kickball. I connected to them by sharing drawings (mostly of imaginary cars).   It was.........just.....so......... cool!

And, those, my friends are just some of the reasons that I am drawn to loose style sketching.  Yes.  Pun...absolutely intended!  :)

Peace & Live a Creative & Inkspired Life!  -Jason

Do you want to learn how to create loose style sketches?

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