Milkshake: Freezing Time & Being In the Moment

42 words mindfulness now present moment Jun 21, 2020

Listen up readers who read and carers who care, to the following insight I want to share. The following blurb I’m about to tell varies from zany to normal. (And for you sci-fi fans, sorry, it doesn’t involve any wormholes.)

Today’s word in our journey of "42 Words to a Better You" is something better it just may make. Today’s word of the day is…….. MILKSHAKE......

It is about time that fleets by like a ZIP! BOOM! And WHIZ!

It’s about just simply being in the moment. And about the moments of being. It’s about the Here, the Now, and the IS.

Being the father of a child and husband of a wife has given me new perspectives and appreciations in life.

Days were something that were once often wasted, like the leftover remains of a turkey basted.

Some days carelessly spent like paying the rent on somebody else’s circus tent. Or energy wasted on trying to straighten trees that were meant to be bent.

Fretting the fret that we all tend to do is like trying to walk wearing backward shoes. Our bodies and minds pointing and aiming for one reaction, while our mis-pointed shoes cause an unnecessary distraction.

Wanting to move forwards while taking steps back can cause unwanted headaches and our supply of precious energy to lack. (No, this is not a story or moral about being “green”. We’ll leave that one to Kermit for now. That’s his scene.)

Confusion. Conundrums. Twisted and Snarled. All while we can be enjoying our world.

Simply taking a breath and letting the mixed communication go, will open up a new path, a new sort of positive flow. A flow of clarity. A sort of knowing. An innate sense of being and going where you are going.

Over the course of recent time, I am learning to focus on the now, the current moments that are truly mine. The precious moments in life that are to be savored like a fine glass of wine.

(Or for those who don’t consume alcohol try this one for take….the precious moments in life that are to be savored like the most ‘scrumdiddylumptious’ milkshake. Or for those of you who may be lactose intolerant…that’s ok, there’s no rank, simply insert your own delicious beverage into the following blank. _________.)

Experience the joy that comes from a simple laugh. Or the sweet smell of rain that just gave the landscape a well-deserved bath.

Truly see the magic that is right before you. Right here. See it before the ‘abracadabra’ makes it disappear.

I know the saying, “Stop and smell the roses,” is so cliché. So, how about then we “stop and tip the valet”. In this case, the valet parking your car is none other than you. You are the one behind the wheel and in control. It is simply YOU.

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(This blog post was originally published in 2012 as part of my "42 Words to a Better You" series. I am thinking about bringing the series back...with older and wiser perspectives on life.  Well, older for sure.  Ha.)


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