Aspiring Architectural Sketchers:


Unlock Your Creative Vision with Effortless Architectural Sketching Techniques.


"Serenity in the Chaos:  Sketching the Architecture of New York City" Virtual Workshop

Dear Architecture or Sketching Enthusiast,
Do you find yourself paralyzed by the sight of a blank canvas, unable to translate the intricate beauty of architectural structures into captivating sketches?
Are you frustrated by your creative limitations and haunted by the fear of imperfections in your artwork?
Then it's time for you to break free from these shackles and unleash your full artistic potential.


What most people do when facing the stifling inhibition of creative block is struggle with self-doubt, inadequacy, and a fear of imperfections. But for you, this ends now.


❌ Are your architectural sketches where you want to them to be?

❌ Do you have perfectionism that leads to creative procrastination? 

❌ Does overwhelm stop you from sketching buildings?


And what happens if you continue to do nothing?
If you just keep doing what you’ve been doing?
You risk missing out on improved creativity, enriched self-expression, and heightened confidence in your artistic capabilities.
Don't let your fear hold back your artistic journey any longer.


In the interactive virtual workshop, learn to overcome...


✅ Blank Paper Syndrome (so you can find a starting point for your sketches)

✅ Fear of Imperfection (so you can sketch more in an hour than an entire day)

✅ Capture the Soul of Buildings on Paper (so you can experience sketching in unique ways)

The Struggle to Capture Architecture

As an architect and artist, it was tough for me to capture the amazing vibes and memories of New York's cool buildings. I struggled with showing all the tiny details, getting the feelings of a place just right, and putting my ideas onto paper. 


It felt like staring at a blank canvas with no clue where to start.


My Big "Aha!" Moment…

was  when I realized something important – there’s no perfect way to do architectural sketching. Each little mark, every line is like a peek into how we all see the world around us. 
Each stroke, each line is a unique expression of how we perceive the world around us.


Embracing this freedom allowed me to break free from the shackles of perfectionism and self-doubt. I discovered that sketching architecture is not about replication but interpretation.


It's about capturing the soul of a structure through my own artistic lens.


Possible Benefits from Sketching Architecture...


✅ Improved Observation Skills: Learning to sketch architecture requires keen observation of shapes, proportions, and details. Over time, you'll become more attentive to your surroundings, noticing architectural elements that you may have previously overlooked.


✅ Enhanced Problem-Solving Skills: Architectural sketching often involves problem-solving, such as figuring out how to represent complex forms or convey specific design concepts. Through practice, you'll develop analytical skills that can be applied to various real-world situations.
✅ Stress Reduction: Sketching architecture can serve as a therapeutic outlet, helping to alleviate stress and promote relaxation as you focus on the creative process and immerse yourself in the task at hand.


✅ Increased Mindfulness: Engaging in architectural sketching can serve as a form of meditation, promoting mindfulness and presence in the moment as you immerse yourself in the creative process.


✅ Deepened Connection with Surroundings: Through sketching architecture, you may develop a deeper appreciation for the beauty and intricacies of the built environment, fostering a sense of connection to the world around you.


You're at a crossroads - continue with the same routine or embark on a creative journey with my Architectural Sketching Workshop. The choice is yours. Make a Decision to Explore Your Creativity Today!


Unlock Your Creativity with Architectural Sketching


Join me for  "Serenity in the Chaos: Sketching the Architecture of New York City" interactive virtual workshop and unleash your inner artist. This is your opportunity to bring the city to life through your sketches.


Workshop Details:

For $97, you'll get access to this interactive virtual workshop where you can learn, practice, and receive feedback on your architectural sketches.

Here is what you get:


✅ An introduction to my S.K.E.T.C.H. framework that will help guide you in your architectural sketching journey


✅ 2 hours interactive workshop focused on architectural mindset and sketching techniques


✅ Explore and learn in a supportive and creative environment with feedback
Date and Time: Saturday, April 20, 2024 from 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM EST. 


Location: Online. Link will be provided the day before the meeting.


Please note that the workshop will not be recorded.


Suggested Workshop Materials:  

  • Pen, Pencil (I will be using Sharpie Ultra/Extra fine markers, Preppy and Varsity pens)

  • Paper or sketchbook.  (I suggest 140# coldpress watercolor paper since we will be adding ink and color to our sketches.)

  • Watercolors (I will be using Winsor & Newton Cotman and Cheap Joe watercolors)

  • The workshop will be focused mainly on sketching with pen.  I will be introducing and demoing the use of color, but it is not required . The materials above are only suggestions. Feel free to use any materials and colors you choose.  

  • Below is a link to some of the materials that I prefer using.  
  • Click Here For Some of My Fav Tools